Episcopal Church

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our Faith”, (Hebrew 12).

Working for 135 years in Puerto Rico has made us aware of our responsibility of encouraging in each and every one of our parishes, institutions, programs, and movements that our main mission is Evangelization. For this reason, we have updated and made more user friendly this website of the Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico, Diocese of Puerto Rico, part of the Province IX of the Episcopal Church.

Each parish, program and institution of the Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico is an external and visible sign of the presence of our Church in the life of the people of Puerto Rico and of our mission towards a society that wants to find meaning in life, bear up their burdens with ease and receive divine guidance.

We also want, through this valuable resource, to reach each and every one who for whatever reason has not been able to find a place to praise and glorify the name of God.

This forum is an expression of our ministry and will help the continuity of our efforts. Our vision is that in all our ministerial work the presence of God is celebrated with our eyes fixed in Jesus, and we will do everything in our power to share this with everyone, and praise and thank God for accompanying and guiding us along the way, always confident that He will give us the strength and courage to love and serve Him in a simple and joyful way.  


Right Reverend Rafael Morales, Bishop
Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico

To access the online page of the Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico, press here: http://www.episcopalpr.org